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Michigan Probate - Probate in Michigan
What is Probate? - Probate is the legal process of settling a deceased person's estate, which includes paying creditors or debts, and distributing the assets of the deceased to the correct beneficiaries. It is a complicated procedure, which must be followed explicitly, so that when a beneficiary inherits assets, they will be free from future claims.

Who is authorized to serve as Personal Representative of an Estate? - If there is a valid Will, the person who is appointed in the Will is usually named as Personal Representative, unless they have been convicted of a felony or if they are not a family and live out of state. If there is no Will, normally the appointment of personal representative follows a hierarch. The surviving Spouse is usually the first choice for appointment of personal representative; second would be the person selected by a majority of interest of the heirs; and then possibly the heir nearest in degree to the decedent's prior residence. If more than one heir qualifies, then the Court could be used to select the best candidate possible.
Our Michigan Probate lawyers can help you with:

Estate Planning
Last Will and Testament
Living Will
Power of Attorney
Trust Planning
Asset Protection
Special Needs Trusts
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Probate Litigation and Will Contests

Our lawyers represent beneficiaries, trustees, executors, personal representatives, guardians, conservators and others in various types of probate litigation in Michigan. Our firm manages all aspects of the litigation process — from pre-suit negotiations and strategy, to appeals if necessary — and provides a level of experience and client responsiveness that is hard to come by.

Specific types of probate litigation and issues our attorneys assist clients with include:

Will contests
Trust disputes
Contested guardianships and conservatorships
Executor/personal representative misconduct
Financial mismanagement
Breach of fiduciary duty claims
Undue influence
Lack of capacity

To contest the will, the author of the will must be dead. A will is not effective until the testator has died. No beneficiaries or heirs can have standing until the will becomes effective. Assuming that the testator is dead, the will can be contested on a number of different grounds:

•Fraud or forgery
•Lack of testamentary capacity
•Revocation or supersession of part or all of a will
•Undue influence

Probate Litigation: What to Expect and How It Will Happen

The probate litigation process is similar to other civil litigation. A knowledgeable and experienced probate litigation attorney can assist you at every stage of this process. Contact an attorney before deciding to move forward with your probate litigation claim.

Estate Planning and Probate Counsel in Michigan
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We understand your anxieties and concerns about making complex financial choices. That is why we offer a friendly, relaxed, and caring approach. We take the time to listen attentively to you, explain every detail, and present you with concrete solutions. Contact our Detroit Michigan law office today to schedule a free initial consultation with estate planning attorney Todd Roberts. We look forward to reviewing your situation, answering your questions and ensuring you understand pertinent legal issues about wills and probate in order to make informed decisions.

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Wills, Estate Planning, and Probate in Michigan

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